• Leather Food


Leather Food

R 50.00

Revive and renew the natural beauty of your Tsonga leather with our leather food. Caring for your Tsonga leather is easy with our beeswax polish that deeply nourishes your leathers. It can be used on all of our grain leathers – just not those with velvet finishes like, nubuck, suede and buff burn.

  • Using a slightly damp cloth, wipe of any dust or dirt from your leather.
  • Gently massage the beeswax into the leather using either your fingers or a soft cloth.
  • Leave it to absorb into the leather
  • Once absorbed into the leather, buff with a soft brush to bring back to shine.

Along with nourishing the leather, the beeswax also helps lubricate the leather and provides a nice seal that can help limit water damage on the leathers.

The leather colours may appear slightly darker than their natural shade after use, but the colour will restore after a few uses.

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